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Jesse Schmitt Sets Sights On NFL

A 2014 Graduate of Purdue University Jesse was in Rookie Camp in 2015 with Vikings and attended the 2016 Husteds Free Agent Pro Camp in Mobile where in earned the top snapper out of 21 snappers. More recently Jesse earned a workout with Jaguars and more to come in near future.

Jesse Schmitt on Pro Long Snapper Training:

"Justin has been an amazing help to improving my game ever since I've met him in March of 2014. He is an outstanding technician in all areas (hand placement/grip, stance, following through and footwork and hand placement when it comes to blocking) when it comes to long snapping and is great at teaching those techniques to others. He understands the mental aspect of the game just as well as anyone, considering he has been in just about every situation imaginable, including a couple Super Bowls." Jesse Schmitt

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